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"I am uncertain about so many things. But I am certain that God is good”


Before I left church yesterday, a little Sunday School kid said, “I won’t be here this Sunday. Can you give me a hug? And can you remember my name?” Suddenly I knew what Jesus felt like when he picked up children with their arms wide open, and I’m reminded that every human desire is really to be known and to be loved. It’s the heart of a kid who doesn’t want to be forgotten.

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Modern Christianity has a tendency to interpret God’s will based on whether outcomes are positive or negative.

If things are good, it must be God’s will. If things are bad, it must not be. Thus we often mistake wealth, growth, success, and popularity as a sign of God’s blessings and evidence of our righteousness.

We need to be brave enough to pursue God’s will regardless of circumstances and outcomes.

The heroes of the faith are those who faithfully pursue God through poverty, failure, rejection, and loss.

Most of the disciples were persecuted and eventually martyred, leaving a small community of believers that would suffer through horrific evils and abuse for years to come. Are we willing to do the same?

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Learn to be grateful for the moment — the cup of coffee with your mate or best friend, the beauty of the morning, the quiet evening with your family, the smell of the dew, and the fragrance of a rose.

—    Harold Sala

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i need ferguson to go down in history books. i need school children in the year 2074 to learn about michael brown being shot on august 9th, 2014 by officer darren wilson. i need this to spark a movement. this can not lose the focus of society a mere month after it happened. 

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